Mushroom, Canister

Mushroom, Canister

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Arnel Mold Mushroom Canister Set 4 pieces. Ceramic Bisque 

Ready to paint Ceramic Boutique. Fired to cone 04. Cast, cleaned, and fired in the USA. If you have access to a kiln you can finish the canister in glaze to be food safe. If you do not have access to a kiln we can glaze the inside for you so it will be food safe. And you can finish the outside in acrylic. We also offer completely finished product. If we  finish the canister set finishing time could be 5-6 weeks.  

  • Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery for bisque. Finished products 5-6 weeks. 
  • Some items are in stock and can be shipped in less time. Some items may require casting, drying, cleaning, and firing time before shipping to you.
  • Arnel #757 Large Canister 11” Tall
  • Arnel #758 Medium Canister 10” Tall
  • Arnel #759 Small Canister 9” Tall
  • Arnel #760 EX Small 8” Tall

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